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Good luck. I can't wait to see what it is.


well all i can say right now is be real and be you. too many people on tv dont really let their real personalities show in their work and you have personality so use it and just have fun with what you do and the fans will come. you never seemed to compromise your opinions on g4tv.com and i hope that continues in your new work. thats what made you and tommy tallrico 2 of the best game reviewers out there you didnt pull punches or kiss butt.


That's great! So many people from TechTV and G4 pop up in number of other places. I think Sumi Das works for CNN now and another anchor works for a local news station in L.A.

Please post more info when you can!

The Host

Can't wait to see what you have coming soon.
My dog has severe anxiety attacks during storms, even the slightest rainfall.

Tristan Y

I’m looking forward to hear all the juicy details about the new gig.

I must say, Laura that what you've teased so far… is already sounding awesome.

Don't worry about feedback =) I'll be here to provide my (honest) thoughts and opinions.

Well, after experiencing 34 days (yep, that many) of rain in a row, here in WA....I’m now, also afraid of rain (if you can believe it). And let me tell ya, the rain sucked. It REALLY was crappy.

Thanks for the update on what’s happening. Hope we don’t have wait much longer.

Oh, and uh…I couldn’t find a copy of the January issue of Cargo Magazine. I’d like to check out the article.

Great "Cold Pizza" segment, btw.

Take care,

Tristan Y

P.S.- Go Seahawks!!!!


can't wait.


haha new gigs and new digs are always fun... ..glad to hear your stoked and like what you've got yourself into ths time. can't wait

Remember there's always room for cider and guiness ;)


Hey Thug, if Microsoft's new internet TV show is infact a video game related show then you should get Scot Rubin to come on to meet you guys! That would be great for the fans. :)

Marcel Dee

Hey Laura, your always a girl who knows what is best.Your great attitude is so strong, you don't really need us to make descions for you, but don't forget that we are all here for you.WE FREAKING LOVE YOU GIRL...by the way...you are so FREAKING HOT!!So good luck with whatever it is your planning, whatever it is i'm fine by it, unless it's world domination, then i want in.Do your best girl, can't wait to hear what it is.


Peeing in the Rain! I'm Peeing in the Rain! dum dee dum.


Can't wait to you back on TV Laura. G4 is just not the same without you and Tina.


Hey Laura, very phycadelic!!! Wish you the best, and like the other peoples, i can't wait to hear what you have to say either. Rockin'... Out.



don't furget to email me at flyboy711672005@gamil.com (or yahoo.com) i got some rad ideas for a video game that i would love to make a reality someday, and i hope that you would be willing to lend you're opinion toward my way, thanx, and keep it sick'.



Congratulations, Laura! Whatever it is you're working on, I am sure it'll be great, and I can't wait to hear about it.
Be sure to do FUN things with your dog in the rain, praise it lots and lots, use food reinforcement, make it associate rain with things that are good.

Tristan "Detroit HAWK city" Y

Hi Laura,

I'm sorry for writing this, but I'm just SO damn excited, right now!

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS are going to the SUPERBOWL!!! What a season...what a game...what a team!!! They deserve it! Holmgren, Shaun Alexander, Hasselbeck...EVERYONE in the Seahawks organization, congratulations!!

Finally, after 20 years, we are going to the big game!!! History has been made in WA! Oh, what a year 2006 has been, so far =)

The Steelers are a very, very good team. And certainly, after watching today's game, they will be a tough team to beat.

I say...Bring it on, Pittsburgh! We will be ready!

Go Seahawks!!

Jim S

That's good news! I can't wait.

Call your dog to you while you're standing in the rain and show her- like pet her and tell her it's ok- she'll listen :)
Personally, having golden retriever, I've never run into that situation... he practically has gills, but I'm sure your dog will get over it.


Congrats. Can't wait to see what your up to!


G4 is almost unwatchable without you, Laura. I'm excited for whatever your next project is, admittedly I'm kinda having withdrawals.

p.s. Go Steelers!!!

Russ Plummer

I am glad to hear the great news! It will not be too difficult helping you out with your new job. I mean, watching an attractive and spunky woman is the least I can do. Poor me! Oh my, sarcasm can be a silly goose!


I hope it's not starring in this informerical for a gated community in Arkansas with the (great?) Erik Estrada.


Hi, well at least your not droppin dead on yor butt. Hope your havin fun


poor dog


Hey Laura,

we talked once on the good ol' forums a while in 05' Sorry about the show damn I loved every moment of it. Its probably my fault in a way because I hadn't watched the show in a while cuz I was pre-occupied with work,
sorry but I'am absolute that you and I we love your new opposition,


Your Fan and Friend


i hope this gig makes a new revision on ur life... in fact i hope u get 3 new revising gigs... close...nope...well thought i otta try

Avid Xero

cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

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