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Tase me bro

Wondering how Laura Foy got to be so adorable. At night I put on my robe and wizard hat.

Michael Montazeri

Hey Laura, I was at the expo for the first 3 days and pretty much did 5 things: Look around, play brawl, play rock band, do major league gaming stuff, and rush in the morning to play MGS4. It was awesome. I saw you a few times near the quake 4 area but didn't want to bother you. How are you enjoying it?

Kevin Le

Hey Laura! My wife Yadira and I were really happy to see you and interview with you on Saturday! Thanks for remembering us, the little people. And Yes, I am very familiar with Microsoft!


work,work,work,go home eat dinner,play my 360 for an hour and a half and go to bed. what a life i lead- NOT!!!!!

Casey Cannon

I spend my days looking up Mexican midget porn on my Window's 95' with a bottle of K-Y jelly.

Alright, let me be serious. I spend my day's at home without a job(hey, its not my choice), preoccupying myself with my Dimebag Darrell series Dean Guitar, playing my 360(well... not anymore because of another 3-flashing red lights issue), making increasingly useless lists(ex. "Things to buy when I get rich", "Alcoholic drinks to consume", "How long it would take me to travel the entire world"), and suddenly remembering a number of ladies I used to watch on television in my not-so-long ago youth. I almost forgot about you, Thug. But my mind would see I wouldn't.



Games, all day long! Second Life, World of Warcraft, Dungeon and Dragons (online and yes, even the real 20 sided dice version! My gnome bard, Fumblenote, roxxxorz your boxxxorz!), Ultime Online private servers. Wow, there's a lot of games in there that require being socialable.

Sometimes, there's the usual gatherings with drunken friends; and we blab about all the people we used to know, like the preppy girls we went to school with that now work as "entertainers" in the adult film industry. They're hard working girls. We usually talk over Uno, Monopoly, and Risk.

Then there's classes, where I listen to my math instructor, (who looks like he belongs on a computer, in his parents' basement, in the X-Files), rant about math conspiracies. When he breaks out into a tangent, I break out the DS or text message on my cellphone.

Rafael Nieves

work eat work eat work shower sleep, rinse and repeat...

No fun for me =(


Get up, go to school, go to work, play Xbox for awhile, then sleep. A sad and unfulfilling life but hopefully when I'm finished with school things will be more interesting.

Laura Foy

OMG, I love the random lists. I'm going to start my own. WAY much more fun than my current lists which include things like "Go to Target" and "Dust under the couch"


Well I live in Kirkland WA and spend most of my time stuck in traffic until I end up in down town Seattle. Then walk around with friends, hit up broadway then after that it's free game. Speaking of game, I go to gamestop sometimes when I got the change.


I'm so bummed out, I had a big, long, revealing, comment for this but I somehow went back a page mysteriously and I tried to rewrite it but it had unnatural rhythm and it had really sharp rhythm the first time. I'll just say that this summer I got a 360 for my birthday (I could have earned one by showing up to work on time for a week, and not going to bars for the same amount of time but that just wouldn't fly somehow.) I got Oblivion and I had a Bay horse named Captain... we just went wherever he wanted to go... and it was awesome. I've basically had a decimated computer since January. I'm playing guitar better than ever despite having not touched one for 5 months this year. I live with my brother and doing anything where I know he can hear me is aggrivating to me. Since now all of the sudden I have to think about him. Well, I got over that. But I suppose I play 120% more aggrivatedly. The problem is that he seems to have at one point not believed it was actually me playing. The same with my parents a few years ago. For some reason I just don't show people. but now my muscle memory and imagination are almost unstopping so I can proceed whenever I want at this point. It used to be like summoning some sort of stupid bullshit fucking Final Fantasy dragon or some shit but now it's not the case. By the way, I'm cutting you from the Lord's handball team.

Anthony Pennings

Laura was one of my multimedia students, bright and very memorable. Remember Communicating on the Internet, Multimedia Production. Playing Quake in the Lowell Thomas Lab?

Laura, email me at anthony.pennings@nyu.edu when you get a chance. I want to talk to you about our new digital game production concentration and pick your brains a bit on our digital game programming classes, texture and level design as well as our interface with the Computer animation degree. Too bad about G4 cutting back on it's tech and gaming shows. Unfortunately I have had to cut back on viewing their programming accordingly. All the best.

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