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I quit both Myspace and Facebook. It helps that I never really had friends on there that I couldn't just call anyways, but Myspace is more of a chore than anything else now.

Tase me bro

Oh why won't you accept my free Macy's card? Don't you remember me from high school?

Well, you know what they say, all good things must come to an end.


I don't know what to say about that. I guess the universe has made it's decision for you.. or maybe just a huge pair of gay dice. ha ha ha


myspace stds...gotta watch out for them. facebook is the way to go. who doesn't like getting poked?!


you could always send out some real porn that would definetly show them . all in all though blogging just isnt what it used to be i dunno im more into writing than writing about my day or what im feeling. its a diff eratoo many damn kids being stupid and too many pervs trolling for illegal action.

add to that spam and things like myspace and even instant messaging just dont fascinate me anymore. or maybe its just part of growing up the things we enjoyed in our youth arent fulfilling like they were.


Malcolm, do you need a hug?

Casey Cannon(SuthunTrendkill)

If Malcolm doesn't want it, I think I need a hug, Laura. No, scratch that, I know I need a hug.

Ahem, in response to your blog; I joined MySpace because a friend mine asked me(actually, MADE me) get one. Its really garbage pretty much, I only go on there the same reason as YouTube, for the music(and the occasional funny shit). From day one, I've had problems with spammers, and was phished once. In general, I don't like doing the whole "internet culture" shtick, which basically means I don't do LiveJournal, Friendster, Stickam, Blogging/V-Blogging, etc, etc. I'm one of those play guitar, build a HEMI, watch the Panthers and the Drag Races on the weekends type of guys, but playin' some video games, watching the Discovery Channel networks all day and putting together a nice custom computer is enough to give my spinning-top personality that little nudge into the "nerdy" side. Meh, at least I'm not 13.

-Casey Cannon


a hug ........no. i could use inspiration though that and a few million bucks to see my dreams come true. hugs are fruity even when chicks give em.


I was just about to say "go onto facebook" :P until I actually got to that section and read it, haha.

It is definitly better, I find has less clutter and annoyances to deal with, I can't remember how many times I have had to change my myspace email because of porn I was suposidly spamming friends with.

Myspace is like that annoying friend that you have and hang out with because you feel sorry for them.


not that you shouldn't quit myspace, but you can change the options so that people have to enter a CAPTCHA to post things. This stops most spam. But it doesn't make myspace any less evil.

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