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Lies... all LIES!

The only thing I bought that you happen to have is the bed frame (and matching nightstands). I can't help it if it was the only black platform bed they had... and I have good taste.

And I would never go blond... it would ruin our team dynamic.


Regardless of his tasteful purchases (I do like that platform bed), his place looks like a bachelor pad. For some reason, I can't picture your place looking like that.


If he gets extremely mad at you when you dont put the lotion back in the basket then you have a reason to get worried. other then that feel good that he digs your taste in things that much to want to xerox your setup for himself.

Casey "SuthunTrendkill" Cannon

Hmm, sure he doesn't play the opposite side of the field? I kid. Blonde's are certainly eccentric to my experience, but I'd never dye my hair. I'm good with black/brown, thick and curly.

-Casey Cannon


You know what(?), I've been thinking recently that if I had a daughter I'd want to name her Maxine, thanks Max.


Ah yeah, there's the pic, and if I hadn't seen the video footage of you with AI (blonde dying her hair brown), I'd be shocked.
On the other hand, you seem to be having fun no matter what color hair, so who, in the end, gives a rodent's bottom?

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