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sooo... Enlighten me, I've been living in a cave what is this new "TechEdge" thing all about? You're so multifacited...


Wow Laura.


It's Nice to see you r show on G4 again, G4 replay is what they are calling it and its the only time I watch the channel anymore. G4 has become a lot like MTV, but with games not so much about games any more like MTV isnt about music anymore.I hope the "G4 replay" show is a sign that they understand that as well.

Brittany Porcher

I love ittt!! Hey, re-runs aren't as good as it being the "real thing," but in this case I can settle for less.

They come on like 8 in the morning. They show like two or three of em at a time. I enjoy seeing Laura action, though.

Love you, Lauraaaa!!!

Travis Sturgill

Damn long time since I've been to this page.Got on here surfing around and seen your name on my myspace.Hope everything is going good with the ole girl that i remember from g4tv.com


Hello? Echo!


is this blog still alive?


Rephrasing last comment:

Is Laura still alive?

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