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I miss that show. I use to pleasure myself watching you two, but that is probably a little TMI.


One more thing to remember:

4) We'll be watching you review games that have already been out for 3 years or longer...

By the way Laura, it was nice meeting you at Universal Orlando (I was the guy you insulted by suggesting I was probably an RTS player, and then insulted further by looking surprised when I told you I prefer FPSs)!

And the look you gave me when I admitted to being an MMO player?! Priceless... you should check out AoC though - it might be brutal enough to get your approval despite the inherent geekiness. :)


um, maybe it's just me, but the link doesn't go to g4tv, it goes to channel9?


Yes...that's because I don't work for G4 anymore- that's a link to some stuff I'm doing now :)


Holy crap! your blog has arisen from the ashes like the Pheonix ready to kick ass and take names! and.... SWEEEEET something to watch on G4TV besides NINJA WARRIOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! You kick those ninjas ass every time Thugsita.


G4TV.com was my favorite G4 show, so I'm glad to see it (and all you guys!) back, even if it's just in re-runs.
Unfortunately it also makes me sad because I realize just how lame G4 has become over the years since the big changeover.

Oh well, at least I get my warm, fuzzy nostalgia from 7-10. :)

GTCv Deimos

re: 3) I am still funnier than Tina (just sayin).

And years later, still by far the best looking host on the G4 Clan.

What? Just sayin'


I loved that show! I really missed how G4 was so awesome back in the day and now it's all crap shows. BTW, Laura, marry me!!!!

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