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Hey Laura i was just checking out on10 and I saw that it showed recent blo posts from you. Do you noy blog as much anymore because of sites like Facebook and Twitter?


I'm sorry I didn't answer your question. I was always sleepy in high school from 2:00-3:00. I think it was because I was always in English, though. I never thought about going to sleep though because I was afraid of the consequences.


Laura, whatever happened to on10?? It was once a fun yet very interesting site/channel and slowly it's become little more than a MS news posting board. It's as if it has turned into a machine, sitting in a corner churning out news posts without anyone paying much attention and with zero interactivity with its users. What happened to the original idea, to the crew of on10 that made it all happen and created some very entertaining and insightful content? Why has it become such a grey place and who is responsible? Why is MS or the people behind on10 scared of having some fun? After all, it was a fun place but it's as though some square geeks came along and said "no, this MS and we have to be serious and geeky". This may be a futile exercise, but I needed to voice my thoughts. Hopefully someone out there will hear this and agree or debate my view of what on10 has, sadly, become. One thing is for sure, your charm, fun/crazy yet sexy personality will never be forgotten and if I was a TV producer I'd sign you up in a heartbeat. Rock on Laura.


You suck, Laura


From what I read awhile back, on10 (and a bunch of other MS channels) were folded into Channel 9 (where Laura does Ping now). They said on10 would cease to exist but it looks like they kept it around to syndicate stories on.

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