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Yeah, good call. You can never trust the small kids nowadays. First you are playing some games, next thing you know you are tied up to a chair. Besides, I wouldn't trust a girl who was carrying a bunny like in the picture.

John Ranaldo

Ahhh!!! It's my kryptonite! Cute Little Kids!!!


How can you say no to the Jill Bauland? The Jill Bauland is much bigger than you and I. The Jill Bauland will forgive, but never forget... but you need the sleep. You're a hard working gal, Laura. Thug Life.


Tsk Tsk Tsk... after all that you still threw them to the side. I love it >:3 Youre better than me though. I probably wouldn't have even listened to my voicemail.


Hey the Jill Bauland's kinda cute... What is she doing later on?... Oh yeah, I forgot, she's getting married.


Ask Jill Bauland if she's interesting in having me as her entire bachelorette party. You know, one last fling?

Just don't remind her of that one time in Budapest. With the goat...and the surfboard...

Forget it.


i don't for giving in 'cause kids do that to that to peops.


Wow Laura i probably would have went for the cash but maybe not considering how tired i was...


Cute kids, I would've went but i'm a sucker for crap like that.


great show tonight laura!


hey.jill has some cute kids hope her and her husband have a good relationship.hope you had fun with her i bet you already miss hunter.well awsome show tonight loved it talk to you later bye


hmmm...im speechless


im a sucker for cute kids as well. Jill Bauland has cute kids...i mean Jill Bauland's related to cute kids.


Can't resist kids, but when you're zonked.. the sleep really takes the cake.
But jeez kids really can bring out a weakness. Oo,

Hope you get enough zz this weekend.
Take care


i see you have a heart after all, that mean the thug has a soft spot for the boys of the world. seems like it after the valentines day show. hehe


Good decision to sleep. What is it with kids today and their strange ability to get whatever they want? Man, I'm glad I'm not having any kids...

Btw, good show last night. Except couldn't you have picked someone better than Kyle Busch? Like Kevin Harvick or Dale Jarrett?Oh well... Too late now.


Wow.... sounds like something I'd do..... except for the part about the kids, and the stuff, and.... yeah.

But hey...

1. You got back not too long ago from Jill's wedding in Ireland.
2. If you love kids, that's great.... but me.... I blind them. (The story behind that is way too long for a simple comment, though.)

...That said, you were wise to go home and saw some logs.


I don't know if it's wise to deny Jill Bauland in favor of personal sleep... you know what they say... you don't tug on Superman's cape... you don't spit into the wind.... you don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Jill....

this has disaster written all over it.


Evil!!! Oh the worst is when they call you Auntie/Uncie so-and-so.

However you never said what food and how much cash. Nothing like going to bed full and rich...I'm just saying


I hate it when they use the kids on ya..It's such a cheap trick..But I challenge that Nathan kid at Melee..I don't think he can take me!! I'll crush a kids dreams..if only to boost my own sad ego.


Yo its asia (the one that laura was describing). i don't think anyone can crush nathan at melle but if u think u can... think it.


Trust me, being an aunt/uncle sucks.

Why didn't you get someone like Jr. instead of that dork? Oh well...be careful what you wish for...


Those kids are adorable!


Eveyone and their mom could beat me at that game ive never played it and dont have any desire to so i conceed that yeah when it comes to those smash brothers games everyone is my better. but nobody better bring that noise when it comes to tekken cause when that ends i'll own your soul. eddie gordo.


Hey asia, I'm not startin' a fight or nothing, but I've been playing Smash Bros. since the original came out, but I'm sure he has some skills..Besides, I don't really want to crush a kid, as I usually let them win at the last second. I have much younger brothers of my own, and nieces and nephews so I know what it's like playing with kids. btw, tell him to keep schooling fools at Melee! If he gets a little better, he should enter a tournament..

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